SUPER HERO – Hezekiah Oluwaseun Ayodeji 


​People who knew me in 2008/2009 will testify to the fact I was a flame of whom I used to be. You wanna know why? Hmmm, that’s a story for another day.



This particular Friday morning, I had decided to go to the bank to make some withdrawal because I was so broke and moreover, one of my pals, T-geniuz had called the previous day to inform me of a party at Parakin. I am usually not the party type but I was getting so bored at home and I needed to at least hang out a while.

I had checked my swollen wallet to see what I’ve got. Of course, I won’t be going to a party empty handed but it only my numerous identity cards, tellers of payment and a fifty naira note. It would have just been too funny to think I would be going to a party with just that. The party was going to be on Saturday so I had the time to make necessary arrangement. I checked my balance, I still had about Six Thousand Naira, and so I decided to make some withdrawal this morning.

It is our tradition to hold morning devotions at 5:00 am and we did this particular morning as well, after which I tidied up dad’s car in preparation for work, fed the fowls and tidied up the poultry, I attended to my fish pond, fest he rabbits and went back to bed; some minutes past 6:00 am. 
By the time I got out of bed around 7:15, dad was already gone and likewise mum, my siblings had gone to school, and just like all other days, I was alone again. I did other necessary things and then had my bath after my breakfast. I got dressed in my black jeans trousers, my white and black striped T-shirt, and my sneaker shoe. I picked up my wallet and combed my hair, sealed the house and off to Lagere in a cab.

There were no surprises at Lagere that morning, it was as busy as usual; vehicles moving to and fro, the traffic wardens were there to keep things cool, business men and women were cleaning up their shops for the day’s business as students and pupils as well as school vans moved in all directions to their various schools. I alighted at the final stop at Lagere and took just a two minutes walk to GTBank.

It wasn’t a surprise to see the long queue by the A.T.M. machine; it was a usual thing on Fridays like that. Of course, a beggar cannot be a chooser but in this case, I had a choice of going into the banking hall but the queue wouldn’t be lesser there, so I joined the queue. I stayed there for a few minutes as the weather was becoming cooler and the day a bit darker as the clouds formed up. It was clear, rain was coming. Like my mum would say in Yoruba language, “tori aditi ni ojo se ma n su, tori afoju, ni ojo se ma n ku”. Which be say “na becos of pesin wey be deaf dey make clouds form and na becos of pesin wey blind dey make thunder strike” so that even the deaf and the blind will be aware of what was to come. 

A no even wait for anybody, a just comot the queue to go inside the bank. 

As I got into that electronic security tube, I felt like I was in another world. No be say I just dey enter am o but the feeling just come like that. I began to wonder why I was feeling like that, the door opened and I stepped into the banking hall as my thoughts faded. I took the withdrawal slip just on the wall at the entrance, went over to the table and filled my withdrawal details and joined the long queue on the counter. I hadn’t stood for 10 minutes when I felt my bladder full.

It is so usual of me not to want to use any other toilet apart from ours at home, so whenever I felt like using a toilet, I just held on till I got home or rush home immediately. This time, it got to me and I was so pressed, I had no choice but to ask a cleaner where the toilet was and he showed me. Before I left the queue, I made the person ahead of me know I was going to the toilet and would soon be back. It was a wise thing to do in places like that or else you find yourself behind the queue and even behind those who came later than you did.

I went in the direction I was shown but with some kind of embarrassment, but little did I know; I was about to become a SUPER HERO

Ouch…………………. I really feel pressed, Tooooooiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllettt

To be continued…


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