Lessons From JEPHTHAH -Hezekiah Oluwaseun Ayodeji 


Good morning guys, you will permit me to go biblical this morning. I will be referencing a man called JEPHTHAH in the book JUDGES chapter 11.

Who was this guy?

And what makes him so important in this piece?

The first verse of the chapter referred to him as a mighty man of valour though his mother was a harlot. 

Many people today have limited themselves to a corner just because of whom their parents are or the kind of family they were born into.

JEPHTHAH although was begotten by a harlot, a prostitute, he was the first son of GILIAD. There was no problem for JEPHTHAH until Giliad’s wife gave birth to her own children; lo, they were guys also. When they grew up, the rose against JEPHTHAH and drove him out saying,

”you have no inheritance in our father’s house for you are an illegitimate child, bore of a harlot who is not an honourable woman.

Note this; so many times beyond your control during your life time and even after, your identity will be determined by who your parents are.

The fact that JEPHTHAH was a son of a prostitute made him a bad figure in the society; he was rejected by the people who were supposed to his family members, his brothers.

If you are like JEPHTHAH here, there is nothing you can do about it, it’s beyond your control, you are just who you are. “If God were to grant the privilege to babies to choose which family they wanted to be born into, the truth is many couples will be childless till death”. Many children today lament over the kind of families they were born into, wishing it could be another. They wish they were born with golden or silver spoons in their mouths.

No condition they say is permanent, tables could turn, and those who had been happy to be born with silver/golden spoons may end up having not even a wooden spoon at death.

JEPHTHAH didn’t because of reproach give up on himself. Although he left as he was asked, he didn’t just sit somewhere, he stood to make a difference.

To be continued…


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