PROUDLY 9JA – Hezekiah Oluwaseun Ayodeji 

She was once called THE GIANT OF AFRICA and so it was. She was also known to be a land of milk and honey; is she? Nigeria is a country blessed with a lot of mineral resources, a lot of natural endowment. The soil is so fertile and yielding. The North is gifted with the survival of livestock, the East is blessed with Crude oil and the west has a large volume of fertile land and oil, even gold. These are very great gifts of Nature if you ask me.

Nigeria gained independence in 1960 and later became a Republic. Is Nigeria really independent? I doubt that but well, we are trying. What are those things that makes a country great? From my perspective, its is the reaction of the youths towards her and vise-versa.

I had once dreamt of a Nigeria;

  • *where corruption is at its demise.
  • *where patriotism is the order of the time.
  • *where human rights are being respected.
  • *where politics is not an occupation but passion.
  • *where the youths are given chances.
  • *where opportunities are given to those who deserve it.
  • *where an average Nigerian will have his own house and car.
  • *where workers will always simle.
  • *where salaries will be paid on time.
  • *where pensions will be promptly paid.
  • *where youths will be allowed in politics and the old people serve as real godfathers.

A Nigeria where youths are given full rights to expression and a country that is so so conducive for citezens and investors.


Weekly Series. FRIDAY 4:00PM

Coming Soon: SUPER-HERO 


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