THE IDLE BRAIN- Hezekiah Oluwaseun Ayodeji 

Humans are so made excellently that we are far much greater than any kind of animal. This is not about our appearance but our BRAIN. This part of our body is the most expensive and acts just like the control parnel of a computer system.

Scientists have been able to discover that humans can only access up to 30% of their brains. This means the people called genius access only about 35% of their brains. Why? Well, I call that the supremacy of God. See what we are already doing with the litle we can access. I kind of wonder what we will be doing if we were to be abl to access up to 70% of our brains.

Believe it or not, God gave us the same kind of brains but the functionality solely depends on how we can make use of it. It is obvious that some people do not use theirs at all. They follow people’s ideas. An this makes them limited, less regarded, a slave and never recommended.

Your brain is a divine gift for success.


Happy Sunday and STAY ALIVE!!! 



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