WE ARE LAZY- Hezekiah Oluwaseun Ayodeji 

I am challenging all African youths, myself included to action. We all need to wake up from our slumber. Is this how we will continue? Indulging in crimes, ruining our lives by using hard drugs, roaming the streets all in the name of unemployment?

The problem we have is that all of us want a white collar job. We all want an office, a.c fitted, a modern cushion chair to sit on like 2, 3 television sets to watch at leasure, a jeep as an official car and a mansion for a home.

These are all good dreams that can come to pass not only with a government job we all clamour for. Take a look at this; if everyone in a community becomes a doctor, tell me, who are they going to be their patients? All I am trying to say is that someone has to build a house and someone has to be the gardener.

The truth of this matter is that the government cannot provide this things to all of us. Why not become your own boss? Oh, I know what you are thinking; how much would you realize? That statement I say is that of one without forsight. “A drop of water they say makes a mighty ocean”. Tell me, if you are to draw a map of Africa on a plain paper, where would you start from? A point on the paper and you make the lines until you have a map.

It is disapointing to know that most African countries have neglected what I call the richest industry. Agriculture is infact the richest industry on this contenent. It requires a little capital, employs lots of people etc. It just has numerous advantages.

Even if not Agriculture, you can start something today. the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. It’s never too late.




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