Hello dear readers, welcome to the FRIDAY FACTS on De’ Fictionist. This will be a pal will where the facts are discussed. Let’s keep interacting to keep learning.  

The world has turned a different look today. There is this particular particle of existence that youth especially are dying to have. Do you know what that is? TRUE LOVE, they call it.

Sometimes, I wonder if this phrase does exist. From experience and my encounter with many people, I found out that people who do not have it are dying for it and many people though are suffering under it but yet, don’t want to lose it.

The arithmetic of this thing called love sometimes baffles me; come to think of it, Mr. A is so much in love with Miss. B but B is in love with C who is in love with D, and it goes on and on like that. Just like two lines drawn to intercept, the people who meet at the point of interception enjoy it.

A friend once told me and I believed him that “true love doesn’t exist”. As I was pondering over that statement, he mentioned some characteristics of the so called TRUE LOVE as the following;

  • it must be enduring
  • it must be forgiving
  • it must not find faults

You will agree with me that all these are Normal. But the shocking one was when he said that a TRUE LOVER must be ready to die for his/her partner.

Believe me, I was shocked. I began to ask myself, can I die all in the name of love for this girl? I asked myself over and over again but I kept coming to a conclusion; “NO”. You may say I am selfish but if that is my characteristic for not wanting to die for a girl, fine, but I am not in it alone.

I took my time to ask other guys but lo, they share my opinion.

I discovered another funny thing; most guys today, ask them their marital statuses, they will tell you they are single and searching. Ask the ladies, they will tell you they are dating or engaged. If the guys are single, tell me, who are those girls dating or engaged to?

Coming back to the discussion, does it really exist?

From what I gathered, the phrase had since a long time ago lost the word “TRUE” leaving the word love “LOVE” which some people even consider as only a slang.

In your opinion, does TRUE LOVE exist?

Can you give your life to save his/hers?

Leave a reply.

Join me some other time for more facts…

Have a nice day

Hezekiah Oluwaseun Ayodeji


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