I bet you can’t remember that moment when your mum went through that great pain to bring you to this world, when she screamed so loud to let you out. But I am quite sure you can recollect some memories of your childhood.
This piece focuses on the fact that every baby that comes into this world comes with its own potential for greatness.

What do I mean?

God is perfect and has created these babies perfectly. Each one is gifted with a minimum of two talents. Do you agree? If you don’t, then you are one of those I have encountered, who believe they do not have any special characteristic. The truth is that they haven’t discovered themselves and that is maybe because they are shy but seriously, they are afraid to try new things.

Everyone on this planet has something that makes him/her different from every other person; this makes him/her special and enough to make him/her comfortable.

What are those things that you only can do amongst your friends? What are those things you enjoy doing? Think deeply and if you are not able to provide answers to these questions, stop being lazy and lay your hands on various new things and you will definitely discover something.

Do you know that there are some rich babies that have in their early ages discovered their potentials but have stopped using them? You asked why? Well, I can’t really say, but I believe them to be lazy. Although, some of them claim to receive discouragements from friends and family members but I believe those were words they hear are supposed to serve as catalysts for their greatness.

If you fall into this category of these  babies, you’ve got to continue from where you stopped. Give yourself a task of proving them wrong and that is using your talents/potentials for a total positivity. You were born a great baby, a RICH BABY to grow into a great man/woman.

Do not waste that title, start something now, discover what you have.
Hezekiah Oluwaseun Ayodeji


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