FAILURE & SUCCESS, The New Definition… {PART 2}


The differnce between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views a mistake. – Nelson Boswell.

One of the greatest problems people have with failure is that they are too quick to judge isolated situations in their lives and label them FAILURES, instead of keeping a bigger picture in mind.

I have discovered the following;



Honestly, it is not. Everybody fails, errs and makes mistakes. Maybe you are not familiar with Murphy’s law and Peter’s principle of being human.

*RULE 1: You will learn lessons.

*RULE 2: There are no mistakes but lessons.

*RULE 3: A lesson is repeated until learnt.

*RULE 4: If you do not learn easy lessons, they become harder.

*RULE 5: You will know you have learnt a lesson when your actions change.

People think FAILURE as AN EVENT


This is absolutely wrong. If you got an F in a test, it meant you failed; but I have come to realize that failure is a process, failing a test doesn’t mean failing in a once  a lifetime event because that test can sure be re-written and passed with a distinction. The F you got simply implies that you neglected a process thet led up to the test.

You are successful when you;

*know your purpose in life.

*grow to reach your potential

*sow seeds that benefit others.



It isn’t. The only person that can label what you do a FAILURE is YOU. FAILURE I asy is SUBJECTIVE; your perception of it and response to your mistakes will determine whether or not your actions are FAILURES.

People think FAILURE as THE ENEMY


Many people try so hard to eschew FAILURE like a plague. They are so scared of it; but it takes adversity to create success. A basketball team coach once said; “failure is good”. He said,” it is fertilizer. Everthing I have learnt about coaching, I have learnt from mistakes”.

The person who does not make mistakes takes orders from someone who does. Observe any high achiever and you will discover that he is a person who does’t see FAILURE as an ENEMY but a teacher. Those who see FAILURE as the enemy are captives of those who conquered it.



Not true as well because failing an exam today doesn’t mean you will never pass it no matter how many times you write. It doesn’t matter how much quantity of milk you’ve got is as long as you do not loose the cow. In other words, as long as you are alive and you believe in yourself, you will definitely pass that exam.

“If silly things were not done, intelligent things would not have happened” – Tom Peter.

People think FAILURE as a STIGMA


Haba! That’s kind of harsh. Mistakes are not permanent markers. “Defeat may serve as well as well as victory to shake the soul and let out the glory”. – Late Senator Sam Ewin Jr.

That’s the way you need to look at it.

People think FAILURE as FINAL


Have it at the back of your mind that this thing that appears to be a huge failure doesn’t keep you from achieving. FAILURE IS NOT FINAL.


“Many of life’s failure are people who did not realize how close they were to auccess before giving up”.


Just a STEP can liberate you from failure to success.


———–THE END————————-



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