Failure and Success

FAILURE & SUCCESS, The Difference… {PART I}



The Macmillan English Dictionary defined success as the achievement of what has been planned.

With this definition, i have discovered that many people consider it a failure when the expected result is not achieved. but the truth is, “in order to rise to the top, you must have fallen quite a number of times”

– Hezeeyshennet

your ability to rise each of these times is what I call SUCCESS; but if you choose to give up? Then you are a FAILURE.

I will like to discuss SUCCESS using these four major factors;

FAMILY BACKGROUND: Many people believe this is a point to ponder on while discussing the success of a man, does this realy count? Honestly, NO! Through research and findings, it has been discovered that a reasonable percentage of successful people in the world today came from poor backgrounds. Therefore, you should know that yours cannot be an exception.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Education, they say is the best policy. But I will like to state that it is not realy a determinant for SUCCESS. It also has been proved by successful people throughout the world that most successful people today are DROPOUTS.

HIGH MORALS: I wish that is the key determinant of success but GUSH! it is not because I have seen people of high morals and integrity achieving little whereas scoundrels, i have seen achieving quite a lot. Haven’t you?

ABSENCE OF HARDSHIPS: Not at all is it a factor. The reason being that high achievers cannot eschew tribulations. Gold went through hell before becoming a precious jewel wanted by all. So, it is impossible for anyone who aims at success to pass through a tunnel smoothly.

“Ther is no doubt in my mind that there are many ways to be a winner but there is really only one way I know of being a looser and that is to fail and not not to look beyond the failure”

– Hezeeyshennet

Kyle is trying to pass a message accross to you here, you should see failure a catalyst instead of feeling too bad about it and blaming yourself. “Your ability to correct your mistakes dictates your success” – Hezeeyshennet.

Whenever you fail, you must look beyond that failure and correct yourself where necessary. See failure as a positivity and not a negativity. WHY? You get the ability to explore it and find an advantage in its disadvantage. With this, you keep achieving in all aspects of life.

Failure keeps holding you down when you;

1. Fear it,

2. Misunderstand it are

3. Are unprepared for it.

“People are training for success when they should be training for FAILURE because failure is more prevalant than successjust as poverty is more prevalent than wealth.

– J. Wallace Hamilton

There are two directions I can see anyone failing towards; look at the ways different achievers approach negative experience and you can learn about FAILING BACKWARD or FORWARD.


* You blame others for your failure

* You repeat the same mistakes

* You never expected to fail

* You think to fail each time you try

* You accept tradition blindly

* You are being limited to mistakes of the past

* You think you are a failure.

* You quit


* You must take responsibilities for your mistakes

* You must learn from each mistake

* You must know that failure is a part of progress

* You must maintain a positive attitude

* You must challenge outdated assumptions

* You must be ready to take new risks

* You must believe you failed because somthing didn’t work

* You must be preserving

Try to realize that there is no huge difference between average people and achievers. Just their skills of thinking.


——————————to be continued———————-


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